Frequently asked questions


My child is 8 years old. What activities are available for him?

In the regular season, we offer sports throughout the year, such as soccer, basketball and dancing. Our activities are done in large groups with one or more coaches. Parents must also remain on site during the activity.

My child is 4 years old. Can he participate in the activities?

Unfortunately, our program offers its activities to children and teenagers from 5 to 16 years old.

My child is awaiting his diagnosis. Can he still participate in the activities?

We do not ask for proof of diagnosis, we simply want to offer adapted sports services.


What is my contribution within the cooperative?

It helps promote the integration of young people with autism into society.

It allows sports activities adapted to the reality of autistic children.

How does the cooperative work?

The cooperative isa group of people who want to participate in our activities and who have autism at heart. We also focus on creating a sense of community among our members.

You can support us in different ways by becoming a member.


3 types of members:

User member: For parents or guardians of one or more ASD children who will participate in the activities of the cooperative;

Support member, natural person: person wishing to actively participate in the cooperative;

Support member, legal person: person or company wishing to actively participate financially.

What is the cost for the membership fee?

For a user member, the cost is $ 40. This corresponds to four (4) shares and is a lifetime payment.

For a supporting member, the cost is $ 50. This corresponds to five (5) shares and is a lifetime payment.

How does it work to pay the membership fee to the cooperative?

You must pay the membership fee before participating in the activities. You will find the link to register on the Registration page of the website. Payment is made in person during the first practice.


How can I be informed about the different programs?

We have a Facebook page and a Facebook group. You can join our group by answering a few questions. We also have an Instagram account where you will see photos and videos of our activities. On this website, you will also find a lot of information about our programs.


What is the cost of the different activities?

The cost varies depending on the activity and the necessary equipment. Refer to the program for the exact price.

Is there an additional cost to be a member of the cooperative?

In fact, in order to participate in the various activities offered by the cooperative, you must pay the $ 40 membership fee in order to become a member of the cooperative.

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